Martin Taylor

Martin TaylorMartin Taylor is Digital Strategies’ Principal. He has more than two decades of experience creating and marketing digital and print content. He was an early pioneer of online publishing in New Zealand, beginning one of the first daily news sites in 1996. He’s spent much of his career in New Zealand and overseas writing and publishing about digital technology for both experts and non-technical business users.

  • Martin’s international CEO experience in publishing includes books, newspapers and magazines in both print and digital formats, and in both small and large markets including the US and his home country of New Zealand
  • He’s trained publishers in online and digital media in several countries
  • Martin’s industry group involvement includes the national council of the Publishers Association where he led digital strategy, and he was a former President of the Magazine Publishers Association
  • He has been a frequent judge of media and journalism awards
  • He founded the Digital Publishing Forum, an early industry initiative to support book publisher and author groups in development of ebook publishing
  • Martin was awarded Publisher of the Year in his home country of New Zealand

His extensive industry involvement, international experience, and deep knowledge of digital technology and publishing gives him a unique perspective and skill set.

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