Workshop: How to Market Books Online

Learn how to market books and ebooks online with this in-depth course

It’s now essential for authors and publishers to master online marketing. Traditional marketing methods leave large gaps as readers increasingly discover and buy online, and ebooks open up global sales opportunities to the online-savvy marketers. Through instruction and hands-on practice, this course takes you from the basics to the techniques used by the experts.

How this course works

Not everyone learns in the same way, so we use ‘blended learning‘ to help you understand and master the new skills you need. The course has two parts:

  • Classroom instruction
  • A related online course that you can take in parallel to reinforce and expand what you’ve learned

This means you get the best of classroom learning (a tutor to help you with the basic concepts and skills) combined with the strength of e-learning, to learn at your own pace from anywhere.

What you’ll learn

  • The basics: How online marketing works for books and ebooks
  • Step 1: Get your identity and messaging right
  • Building an online marketing ‘platform’
  • How to get found online
  • Setting up a website or blog and tuning it for online marketing
  • Smart uses for social media
  • How to use Facebook or Twitter, the social media heavyweights
  • Book genres and niche social media
  • Using email and online advertising
  • The importance of online measurement and tracking
  • How to turn online bookstore browsers into buyers
  • How Amazon works, and how you can use this to boost your sales
  • Putting it all together: Plan your next online campaign
  • Checklist: Here’s our starter list of what should go into an online campaign
  • Planner: How to use our special Marketing Planner Template to create an online marketing plan

Optional hands-on sessions

  • 3 free tools to track down the key influencers in your market
  • Set up a free, fully-featured website and blog for a book or author
  • Set up a Facebook Business Page and start posting
  • Create a plan using our special Planner Template and Checklist

Who should attend

  • Writers who want to learn about ebook self-publishing
  • No experience is needed but basic familiarity with Microsoft Word will be needed for the practical sessions

Course duration

  • One day or two days (with hands-on sessions)

Course Outline

Here’s a detailed outline of what we cover in each half-day module.

Click to read the detailed, weekly course outline here

Frequently Asked Questions

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Any other questions?

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Course details

The course is conducted over two days.