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For Publishers

We provide a complete book publishing service for ebook and printed editions. Unlike traditional publishing service providers, we use a publishing strategy specifically adapted to the new reality in which most readers discover — and many purchase — their next book online. And for printed editions, we specialise in digital techniques for printing and worldwide distribution. (more…)

For Marketers

The power of content is transforming marketing. Mega-brands like Coca-Cola are shifting their entire strategy to embrace it – moving from ‘creative excellence’ to ‘content excellence’. Now everyone’s a publisher, and brands are competing with seasoned media pros for the eyeballs and attention of consumers. (more…)
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Marketing Technology

Every content strategy needs a powerful content management system. WordPress has become the de facto standard for publishing and marketing digital content, powering almost a fifth of the web. We show you how to use WordPress as a powerful content hub for your digital publishing or content marketing. (more…)