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For Publishers

As millions of consumers move their digital lives to mobile devices – tablets, smartphones, and e-readers – publishers are changing the way they produce and distribute their content. Our programmes help publishers to produce and market ebooks and digital publications for these mobile devices, and take advantage of digital distribution and marketing opportunities. (more…)

For Marketers

The power of content is transforming marketing. Mega-brands like Coca-Cola are shifting their entire strategy to embrace it – moving from ‘creative excellence’ to ‘content excellence’. Now everyone’s a publisher, and brands are competing with seasoned media pros for the eyeballs and attention of consumers. (more…)
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Marketing Technology

Every content strategy needs a powerful content management system. WordPress has become the de facto standard for publishing and marketing digital content, powering almost a fifth of the web. We show you how to use WordPress as a powerful content hub for your digital publishing or content marketing. (more…)